Beautiful Hardcore

French CFNM, mais pourquoi l’ennuie?

Hey, look, CFNM can be fun so why the yawning? Je ne comprends pas!

CFNM mmf threesome

CFNM mmf threesome

Ginger Gets It in the Derriere

Based on my personal experience, redheads love assfucking. Shall we anal-ize it as to why? No need, just enjoy the pale skin, the tight cul and legs up in the air from pure anal ecstase!

redhead with pale skin fucked in the ass

Lea Fast: Troisieme Part - Anal!

Maybe I was a little hard on Lea (because I was hard) when I criticized her puny vibrator that went into her butt. Looks like she graduated to cocks now, which I knew was inevitable. Always a delight to see a delightful ass like this…

french anal pron

….get assfucked comme ca!

girl form france fukced in the asws

BTW, I just remembered that in Louis-Ferdinand Celine’s Voyage au Bout de la Nuit, whenever he talks about sex it’s always about anal. No joke. Check it out yourself, it’s all about ass, ass, ass… Hey, who can blame him? Verily, Gaul is an ass man’s dream cum true! If you can’t make it overseas this winter, do it vicariously like me.

Lea Fast Part Deux: Sperme sur la Visage!

Now we’re cooking with gas! Lea Fast moves fast and graduates to facials! Could anal be next? Stay tuned!

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Lea Fast Part 1: Anal Bate

Is Lea Fast going to be the next Judy Minx, i.e. new starlet of Sexplicite? Time will tell but although she is cute as hell that vibrator she has stuck in la poop chute will hardly do the trick of stretching out le sphincter pour les grandes penis. Of course something in a girl’s ass is better nothing, we’ll see where this goes. What is it about Latin cultures that make anal seem like such a breeze? Must have gotten it from the Romans who obviously got it from the Greeks. French are a little weird though because they like to pretend they’re oh so different (and better) than Spaniards and Italians. Sure, you keep on telling yourself that mademoiselle, while I pound your butt jusqu’a le Saint Glinlin !

girl plays with her asshole masturbating

Some Nice Lesbian Softcore for a Change

This girl - the one on top with the baby face is driving me nuts because she reminds me of someone but I can’t quite pinpoint who. Some nice softcore stuff with her but hey it’s her first shoot. Looking forward to seeing her with a cock up her ass. That’s usually how it works.

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What Do French and Australians Have in Common?

Not a lot, one would think, right? Well it appears they both like sex in limos, for starters. They’re also not afraid of BUSH, and I don’t mean George, although unshaved girls are harder to find these days anywhere, even in the great country of France.

lesbian limo orgy from abby winters

Is That the Obelisk…

…at the Place de la Concorde or are you just happy to see me? Nice limo action. This is the kind of sightseeing I like to do when I’m in Paris!

french porno couple fucking in a limo

I Had a Dream

I had a dream that I was fucking a French girl in her tight ass. Unfortunately, the USD$ is not doing so well right now to the Euro, which means I will have to postpone my trip to Paris that I was planning (to fuck some French whores). I hope President Obama is reading this! I know health reform is important and what not but there’s always the free clinic to take care of the Gallic clap.

french anal sex

Kim, Brunette Debutante Playing With Dildos in the Living Room

Drop dead gorgeous brunette Kim exposes her body and sticks dildos in her “minou”. How long before she goes hardcore? Wait and see. I could do without the eyebrow piercing but the corps and the visage and those hips make up for it. Can’t wait for what Kim will be up to next…

naked french brunette with eyebrow piercing sticks dildos in her twat

Je lui brouterais bien le minou!